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Recommended for advanced users only. If you just want the view the data without downloading, all data is already available on this website.

You can download all our raw data below in SQL format. Images in PNG format are also included.


Post IDs 89584-90081 and their replies use a different date format and HTML instead of BBCode.

In order to prevent collisions, replies have two seperate IDs. cid is an auto-incrementing ID while id is the ID as-is from Cubash or pizzaboxer's archive.

User blurbs use HTML instead of BBCode.

If you plan to create your own web archive, you can safely use all data except for catalog titles and blurbs un-sanitized.

Images use a hash for the name, you must query the SQL data to get the item the image is for and vice-versa.

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Assets size: 3.09 GiB

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