Cubsah is an archive of almost all of Cubash's content before it shut down.


View the forum archive here.

View the store archive here.

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View the Discord archive here.

Download the data here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this affiliated with Cubash?

No. Cubsah (Absurd's Cubash Archive) is in no way affiliated with, sponsored by, nor endorsed by Cubash.

Are you running Cubash's source?

No, the backend is completely written by me. However, the frontend (HTML, CSS, JS) was borrowed from Cubash.

Do you have my personal information? (email, password, ip, etc)

No, all the data on this website was publicly available when Cubash was still online.

Implementation Details

      Forum posts with IDs above 90081 could not be archived
      Wall posts could not be archived, as you had to be friends with a user to see their wall posts
      Due to time constraints, only the first eight friends of each user could be archived
      All on-site time is in Netherlands (CET) time as this is the time zone that Cubash used
      The store shows disapproved, pending, and hidden items
      The users list shows suspended users
      Forum posts are sorted by ID, not the last time they were bumped
      A large amount of suspended users were archived, but it was not possible to archive them all

Special thanks

JustAnotherArchivist's HTML archive was used to obtain user profiles. Thank you!

cubebuilder's Discord archive was used to obtain the Discord archive. Thank you!

pizzaboxer's forum archive was used to obtain post IDs 89584-90081. Thank you!